Hawaii Here We Come


We are moving…in just a few days…ahhhhh.

I get so many mixed emotions every time we move.  Just as I was settling into a nice routine here at Ft. Benning, we have to pick-up all of our stuff…actually the moving company contracted out by the military has to pick-up all of our stuff…and move again.  I absolutely love our little historic house and neighborhood at Ft. Benning.  I am really sad to have to leave it so soon, but also very elated to see what adventures await us at our new home.

Before we can officially become islanders, we have to ship our cars, ship our household goods, and fly the Yetmans over the Pacific Ocean.  So please pray and hope for safe travels and the easy transfer of goods…because we all know those horror stories of PCS moves gone wrong are lingering in the back of our minds.

I know there are many tips and tricks to surviving a PCS move already out there on the wonderful world wide web, but in the coming weeks, I want to share my experiences as well since so many of these stories helped me to better prepare for our moves.

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