BugleI am starting to see this hashtag pop-up on signs and banners around post lately.  After living on-post at Ft. Benning for about six months, I am here to tell you that life really is #betteratbenning.  Ft. Benning is a beautiful base with oak tree lined streets and historic buildings around every corner.  It feels like you just stepped off of the curb and ended up in 1920.  I absolutely love sitting on my screened porch sipping my morning cup of coffee watching kids run around the open field that our neighborhood encompasses.  After living about 45 minutes off-post at our last duty station, I have become a huge fan of living on-post.

The National Infantry Museum is a nice little bonus to add to the experience of Ft. Benning.  It is located right outside of post, and I highly recommend this to anyone who loves military history…or just a good museum for that matter.  No matter how many times I visit, I get chills up and down my arms.  You could seriously get lost for days on end here.

If you are getting stationed at Ft. Benning, please consider living on-post.  The community here is wonderful.


The View from My Back Porch

One thought on “#BetterAtBenning

  1. Riley says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I live off post but Benning is definitely a great community and there’s tons to do. People just need to get out and explore the area.

    Love your blog btw 👍


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