Rain Rain Go Away

Bugle As we were about to leave Ft. Benning to head home to South Louisiana for a few weeks of leave, I received a text from my mom, “rough weather here, be careful tomorrow”.  Okay…no big deal…right?  Maybe some heavy rain en route, but nothing too serious.  Well boy was I wrong…little did I know that massive flooding was about to hit and cause major road closures and damage to many homes across the southern portion of the state.  Our eight hour trip turned into twelve and many of the detours that we took getting here have now been closed due to flooding and more flooding.  This poor state cannot catch a break at the moment.  The rain and storms are relentless as many people are evacuating one day only to return to ruined homes the next.  It just breaks my heart to see family, friends, and acquaintances go through such a terrible event.

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