A Trip to the Children’s Museum


BugleSince my parents work during the week, we have been becoming stir crazy from hanging around the house.  And since it is too hot to do anything outside after about 9am, we decided to find a way to get out of the house and do something with Ellie…but indoors.  We found the Children’s Museum of Acadiana.  I was a little worried that it was for older children, but we decided to take her there anyways since I read that they had a toddler area for the little ones.  It was a short trip from the house and easy to find in downtown Lafayette.

Before taking her straight to the toddler area, we wanted to walk around the exhibits to see if Ellie was interested in anything.  There was a vet clinic for stuffed animals with bones, x-rays, and an examination table, but that exhibit was way over Ellie’s comprehension level…plus lots of small things for her eat so we didn’t stay there long.  The next exhibit was a child-sized Winn-Dixie grocery store.  Ellie was absolutely in love!!!  She was just tall enough to push the cart around and put items in there to “purchase” at the register.  Up and down the isles she went grabbing necessities like paper towels and bananas.  After shopping she pushed her cart to the checkout area and Matt helped her ring-up her items.  The next stop was the Bubble Factory.  I think Matt and I had more fun making bubbles than Ellie did, but she did enjoy popping them.  The next few exhibits were more for older kids to run around and play, so we went through them quickly and brought Ellie to check-out the toddler area.  She wasn’t as amused with this area.  We put her on the little horse and let her crawl around, but decided to bring her back to the grocery store to push the cart around some more.

By then her naptime was creeping up, so we didn’t stay much longer before heading back to the car to drive back home.  It was nice to get the family out of the house for the day and let Ellie get some of her energy out.

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