Oak and Pine Alley

BugleWe were on our way back from running some errands and Ellie fell asleep in the car.  What were we to do but drive around for an hour instead of attempting to make the transition from the car to her crib.  While we were driving around town, I remembered a neat little spot that my dad brought us to years ago…Oak and Pine Alley.  I know your first thought is Oak Alley Plantation…but no my friends…there is a place called Oak and Pine Alley.  It is not nearly as famous as Oak Alley and there isn’t an amazing plantation that awaits at the end, but it is a neat little alley tucked away between some sugarcane fields with a little bit of history behind it.

The historic sign explains most of the story, but basically a sugar cane farmer planted this beautiful row of oak and pine trees where it became the backdrop for the wedding of one of his daughters.  The night before the wedding a bunch of spiders were let loose to make webs.  The next morning the webs were sprinkled with gold and silver dust where the bride rode down the pathway in a beautiful carriage.  Unfortunately, the alley has seen better days, but after multiple hurricanes, the alley still stands strong, though somewhat worn down.

There is a creepy aspect to this little place and local folklore has that if you drive down the alley late at night and turn your lights and engine off, you can hear the chains and moans of former plantation slaves.  We did try this a few years ago with a friend of ours and nothing happened, but I was more than creeped out just sitting out there in darkness listening to silence and the occasional cricket.

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