A Walk to the Bayou


As our leave time came to an end, we wanted to take some time to visit one of our favorite spots…even though it was still smoldering hot outside.  Matt and I love the south and hope to come back to it one day for good, but until then, we will visit as much as we can.  The Bayou Teche is a short walk from my parent’s house and we always like to take the time to walk down there.  It is so peaceful and relaxing to walk down the short boardwalk amongst the oak and cypress trees, looking to see what creatures are there to greet us in the water.  We actually saw this crazy long and strange creature thing smack in the middle of the bayou…I am convinced it must have been a 12 foot snake…eek.  Ellie had a blast and it was nice to get out of the house one last time before we left for Hawaii.

We said our goodbyes to everyone and headed down to New Orleans for the night before leaving very early the next morning.  Until next time Louisiana…insert sad face.  So here’s to Hawaii and the adventures to come…insert happy face.

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