Welcome to Hawaii

BugleI know that you have been dying to hear updates on us in Hawaii.  We landed in Honolulu last Tuesday and have been running around ever since.  It is a lot different living here than vacationing…I can tell you that right off the bat.  We have been going to appointment after appointment and errand after errand trying to get settled in here…and it feels like we have barely made a dint.  We did get to catch somewhat of a break during Labor Day Weekend since most offices and places are closed.

We were able to drive up to North Shore and find a couple of beaches to check out and spend some time at.  We pretty much drove half the island on Saturday looking for some fun beaches that were calm enough for Ellie to swim.  The only place we found on North Shore was a little tidal pool that she was able to crawl around in…and boy did she have fun.  She cried when we left to go and find some lunch.

Lunch ended up being this little side of the road diner-type place.  Talk about good food!!!  The lunch plates were huge and everything was absolutely delicious.  Matt ordered the Kalua Pork and I had the Fried Chicken…yum yum.  This place will most definitely see us again.

I have learned a few things after being here for about a week now.

1.)    It is fairly easy to get around here.  You have about two options to consider…driving around the island or going straight down the middle one of three major highways

2.)    Air conditioning is optional.  I am finding that places either don’t have a/c or they don’t really use it.  But it is understandable since the breeze around here is nice and cool.  I am just glad that living in South Louisiana has prepared me for this type of weather.

3.)    The names!!!!  From city names to street names…I am tongue tied all the time.  Sometimes you get lucky with Richard or Forrest Street…other times you get Kamehameha Hwy…say that five times fast…and that’s an easy one!!!

I am so excited to be here and be able to take our time exploring the island.  I can’t wait for all of the adventures to come.

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