Fun Textured Crochet Stitch for Fall

With fall right around the corner, I wanted to share a cozy, textured crochet stitch that is sure to get you in the mood for pumpkin-spice-everything.

DSC03022DSC03527 (3)

Now I know what you are thinking…why in the world would I need anything fall living in a place that has a constant warm, tropical climate year-round…a girl can dream can’t she.  I love fall and everything that comes with it.  Besides…I have presents to make for people who do endure the hibernation period.

I just love this stitch because you can incorporate it into just about anything, and it is easy enough to do mindlessly while watching TV.

Moss Stitch

Stiches Used:

–        sl st (Slip Stitch)

–        hdc (Half Double Crochet)

–        ch (chain)

Foundation Chain:  Multiples of 2+1

Row 1:  hdc into the second chain from hook, *sl st into next chain, hdc into next chain; repeat * until last chain, sl st into last chain, turn. (you should have an even number of sts)

Row 2:  1 ch, hdc into the first st, *sl st into the next st, hdc into the next st; repeat * until last st, sl st into the last st, turn.

Repeat Row 2 until you have reached your desired length

I made a cozy fringed scarf with this stitch using Kroy Sock Yarn in Rusty Stripes.  The scarf measures just over 60’’, which is the perfect length to wrap once around your neck or just leave hanging.

Sock yarn is a finer weight yarn, so it took a little longer to work up, but I was able to make a scarf the exact same size with a chunkier yarn in just one evening.  So go grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte, get those hooks out, curl-up on the couch, and enjoy!

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