North Shore Picnic

BugleOn Saturday, we decided to have an impromptu picnic at the beach.  I made a few sandwiches, washed some grapes, and we headed out to check out a new beach on the North Shore.  It was overcast all morning and we thought that if we headed towards the beach, it would be sunny…and it wasn’t.  But it was still a nice, warm, and breezy day with no rain, so we didn’t mind one bit.  Since it is becoming “winter” as you would call it, the North Shore tends to become rough and unpredictable.  In fact, that is where all of the amazing pipeline surfing happens.  Needless to say, we did not go in the water, but it was still nice to sit and watch the waves crash onto the rocks and Ellie had a blast playing in the sand, digging up rocks.

Oh hey…and I needed a reason to use my new tote bag!!!  Like it???  You can crochet it yourself…check out the pattern here.  Best part…it’s free!!!dsc04731

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend.  And with the weather hopefully starting to cool down, throw together some sandwiches and snacks and go have a picnic somewhere.  Nothing beats an impromptu picnic date.

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