An Evening Hike – Kolekole Pass

BugleWhat better way to end a perfect weekend than with an easy evening hike in the mountains.

The Waianae Mountain Range is the group of mountains that inhabit the west side of the Oahu (made from an old extinct volcano rather than your typical tectonic plates merging).  Nestled in this range is Kolekole Pass.  This was once a road for traveling between Wahiawa in the middle of the island to Waianae in the west, but a landslide has since ruined the road and the Army has been using part of the area for live fire training for a while now.  Off of the former pass road is where you will find the hiking path.

To access the pass, you need to either have a military id or be able to get a visitor’s pass to get onto Schofield Barracks.  If you go to the U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii Website, it will tell you how access the trail and also when the trail will be open, since it is used for live fire training, it is only open on certain weekends.

I saw on the Hawaii Army Facebook Page that the pass would be open this weekend, so on Sunday evening, we packed some essentials and headed off.  You basically drive until you reach a big gate and stop sign at the end of the road, and just park.  We were at the beginning of the path within minutes of driving and it felt like a whole other world.  So peaceful and quiet….and with a perfect crisp, cool breeze blowing.  There are hiking trail signs pointing you in the right direction making it easy to follow.  There were very few people at this time, but I have heard where the path can get pretty busy.

We came to a few clearings where the scenic views were absolutely breath taking.  On one side, you could see clear to the ocean and on the other side, across Central Oahu.  I think I found our new picnic spot.  Everyone always talks about the beaches here, but the mountains here…in my opinion…are just as amazing.

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