How to Survive a PCS Move – Part 2

Finally…Finally…Hallelujah…Whoopee…Our stuff is here!!!!

The explanation of my MIA status this past week.

Break out that wine again…or in this case unpack it with some wine glasses.  Remember my moving tips in Part 1, well now that you got the first part of the moving process out of the way, it’s time to receive all of your stuff.  So sit back and here we go with some tips and tricks about receiving your household goods at your new destination.

Before I begin with my numbered list.  Let me start by saying that all those little stickers that they place on all of your furniture and boxes meant something.  You should already have a big list of paperwork with all of the numbers listed out and what they are attached to.  Well…I didn’t know this my very first rodeo, but when you receive your stuff, they give you this neat little checklist with all of the numbers already on it so you can check the numbers as they come into the house.  Then, you can reference your original list later if some numbers are missing.  My first move…I was that girl up  midnight the night before making copies of my sheets thinking I needed a way to track what was being delivered….silly me…you live and you learn…right???

Okay, so on with the list…

1.)    Have an idea of where you want all of your furniture to go.  Typically you have some time  between getting into a new house and the truck arriving with your stuff, so prior to their arrival, I like to go through the house with sticky notes…or pieces of paper with tape…and put what furniture I want to go where with a sticky note on the wall.  The movers are only required to move and place the furniture once, so it’s a good idea to be prepared.  It helps me from running room to room pointing to where I want things while also checking off each sticker that comes through the door.  I also like to label the bedrooms so I’m not constantly having to point people in the right direction.

2.)    Put away what you already have with you.  I basically take everything and put it in drawers, cabinets, and closets.  It makes it easier for the movers to bring everything in and set it up where you want it.  No one wants to be weaving and bobbing around an already cluttered house to bring more clutter in.

3.)    Once again with the food.  This time around I usually just do snacky foods and water.  Maybe pick-up a box of pastries, bags of chips, that sort of thing.  Reason being, it seems to take a lot less time to unload the trucks.

4.)    Keep and eye out for any damages to your stuff and to the house.  Once it is all said and done, you can claim any damages.  I find that the movers are pretty good about pointing out damaged items that they unload, but always go around and double-check everything.  You have so many days to make any necessary claims…so better unpack sooner than later.

Well there you have it.  The basics of receiving your stuff.  Hopefully everything will arrive in one piece and in the condition that you left it.  If not, the movers and your Housing Office will be there to help you through the claims process.

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