Pumpkin Patch Adventure

BugleI was scrolling through my feed on Facebook jealous of all of the pumpkin patch photos, until I came across a friend of mine who brought their little girl to the pumpkin patch…and they live in Hawaii too…wait…what???  Hawaiian pumpkin patch!!!!  So the next day we brought Ellie to pick-out her very first pumpkin.  She was barely a month old last Halloween and Matt was off doing some army thing, so needless to say, we didn’t really celebrate.  This is the first time in four years that Matt has been home for Halloween, and the first with Ellie, so we are doing it all!!!  And since Ellie is too little to eat the candy….someone is going to have to do it…I guess I will reluctantly volunteer for the position.

Sunday, we drove down to Aloun Farms where they are having a Pumpkin Patch Festival every weekend until Halloween.  Hayrides, Music, Food, Rides, you name it….and it’s a real pumpkin patch!!!  All of the pumpkin patches that I have been to, have been fake…a bunch of pumpkins dumped into a pile with a Pumpkin Patch sign hanging next to it.  Here, you can actually walk down rows and rows to pick-out the perfect pumpkin.

We ate lunch and then hopped on the hayride that took us around the patches and corn fields.  It was a beautiful site with the Mountains in the background.  After the hayride, we walked down to find the perfect pumpkin.  There were quite a few varieties to choose from and quite a bit of walking involved, so with naptime creeping in closer and closer, we decided to stop at the first field, take some pictures, and pick one of the pumpkins that was already lying by the side of the road.

It was a great ending to a wonderful weekend and a great beginning to our Halloween festivities.

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