About Me

DSC03238 (2)Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Aloha!

I’m Michelle Yetman and welcome to my blog.

You are probably wondering the idea behind this cleverly awesome title.  Well let me enlighten you.  For starters, I’m blonde…and my husband is blonde…and my daughter is blonde…so we are just a gaggle of blondes over here.  Reveille is just the perfect word to describe myself.  In French, it means “to wake”, so how does that relate to me?  1.) I have an undergrad in French and 2.) I am a morning person…yes…that rare unicorn that everyone avoids.  Also, Reveille is the bugle call that you always here at the crack of dawn on military bases…6am to be exact.  Why am I on a military base that early…well because I am also a military wife.  So there you have it.  I am a French studying, happy at 6am, military wife.

Here is a little more about myself.  Originally from South Louisiana, I currently live in Georgia with my wonderful husband Matthew and our baby girl, Eleanor.  I am a traveling, do-it-yourself everything, and organizer to the max…well at least I try to be.  I am basically all over the map…figuratively and literally.  I am passionate about anything and everything. I am just along for the ride that we call life…okay okay…I’m probably the one driving since we all know how much of a control freak I can be.

So what is this blog about?  A little about everything that I am currently passionate about.  I wanted to create a place where I can share our little family’s stories and also a place for a creative outlet to share my ideas.